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We are a team of consultants, experts and top industry performers who research, analyze and then handcraft the protection strategy for your life. 


w45345345t353Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”a little bit of body text copy.png

-Michael Jordan

You've got game. We've Got You.

When you have a high profile occupation or lifestyle, your words, actions and opinions are constantly scrutinized and provided by the media for all to see. Privacy is a luxury, and pro-active protection is crucial.

A personal brand and public reputation follow as one of the biggest assets a professional athlete or entertainer can protect.

At Alpha Performance Insurance we source and manage insurance-related products and specialty cover age programs that address high-severity, social risks common with employment and lifestyle in the public eye.




As an elite professional you have overcome great odds to reach your status and achievements and that should be celebrated + protected.


Because when its game time, we play to win. 

And winning for us means you are worry free. So, while you are carrying the responsibility of being a high performer you have someone on your team ensuring you are protected.

"We know how hard you work and how important it is to be the best. That’s exactly what fuels us."

-Branden Weber | Partner (Alpha Performance Insurance)


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