As an elite professional  you have overcome great odds to reach your status and achievements and that should be celebrated. In fact, a male high school player has only a .03 percent chance of winning an NBA career, while a female player’s shot is even slimmer, at just .02 percent.

Which is why it is even more essential for you to have insurance coverage that fits your lifestyle.

We are a family owned business --- but not the mom and pop shop you are use to. An uncle and nephew team we have over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, the backing of billion dollar companies and a love for sports that makes us second to none when it comes to providing insurance coverage.

But where we truly shine is in the value we have been able to deliver to clients that are just like you -- professional atheletes who have spent their lives building empires and who don’t want to see it crashing down because of a one incident.

When you have a high profile occupation or lifestyle, your words, ac- tions and opinions are constantly scrutinized and provided by the media for all to see. Privacy is a luxury, and pro-active protection is crucial.

A personal brand and public reputation follow as one of the biggest assets a professional athlete or entertainer can protect. At Alpha Elite Insur- ance we source and manage insurance-related products and specialty cover- age programs that address high-severity, social risks common with employ- ment and lifestyle in the public eye.

What does this all mean? We are the insurance agency that fits your lifestyle.